Number Theory Foundation Proposal Template

NTF proposal template

Title: name of the event

Dates: e.g. August 8-12, 2022

Venue: physical location or "online" for virtual events

Website: URL for the event, if available

Organizers: names and affiliations

Theme and goals: short summary of the main theme/purpose and goals of the event

Format: e.g. talks, problem sessions, working groups, etc...

Proposed speakers: list of names and affiliations, noting whether they are proposed/invited/confirmed

Participants: estimated number and whether participation is open to all or limited

Selection: outline how the planning process selected speakers and will select possible participants, including considering diversity

Climate: outline aspects of the event intended to make it welcoming and inclusive

Other funding: list all non-NTF sources of funding that have been awarded or are pending with amounts, as well as any registration fees that may be charged

Budget: include a short description and breakdown of funding sources for each line item, and please be sure to note the currency if not USD

Prior events: for repeating events please include a brief summary of past events and outcomes, including how NTF funds were used, if applicable

Award process: if financial support will be awarded to individuals, please indicate how those individuals will be selected

Other details: any additional information you think will help the NTF evaluate your proposal